Why You Should Consider Eating Fresh and Wild Seafood Instead Of Farmed Fish

It is quite difficult to keep track of the many purchasing options, safety, and ethics of the different kinds of food we get from the land and sea. For instance, there has been a lot of debate on whether fresh and wild seafood has a better taste, and give more nutrients compared to farmed fish. Also there are a few questions regarding whether farmed fish is good or safe for the environment and consumption. However, according to reviews , seafood is more widely considered by restaurant visitors. Although the ratings are in favor of seafood, farmed fish still have its audience due to its constant availability.

This blog post is to help you with what’s actually better and which you should consider eating.

What are the Differences between Fresh and Wild Seafood and Farmed Fish?

Wild sea foods are aquatic organisms obtained directly from their biological habitats like oceans, rivers, or lakes by fishermen, while farmed fish refers to fish that are raised for commercial purposes in floating net pens near or within the ocean coast. They are sometimes raised in large tanks.

Reasons Why You Should Eat Fresh and Wild Seafood Instead of Farmed Fish

The benefits of eating wild sea food are numerous, and this probably explains why they have a high level of acceptability. So, why should you eat more of wild seafood? We have some answers for you below.

Wild sea foods are known to have more nutrients than farmed fish. The natural foods eaten by these aquatic organisms provide them with several blends of nutrients which make them more nutritious and healthier than farmed fishes. This study conducted by seafood health facts show that seafood possess more nutrients due to their access to natural feeds and components. While the farmed fish are fed the same meal on daily basis and they have no access to the numerous wildlife experience of the wild seafood.


Farm-raised fish are placed in open net cages in the ocean, which makes them to be exposed to different kinds of risks like diseases and parasites. Also, there is this news about farmers using dyes and additives to make fish look more pleasing in the market. These practices are regarded as unnecessary practices that are not safe and healthy.

When buying a fish, the way it looks matters. Farmed fish are called ‘fishy’, fishy in this sense means not properly handled or cleaned carefully. Naturally, you will want your fish to have this ocean smell, and this is what you get with wild seafood. Wild Seafood eats organisms in their environment, which is better than what the farmed fish eat, and this makes them better and healthier for consumption. For instance, according to this report, farmed salmons feed contains asthxanthin which gives them their false pink color, as opposed to the natural pink color of the wild salmon.

Although wild seafood are more expensive compared to farmed fish, this is because of their overall better quality. As can be seen in this study , the overall higher standard among other changes that occurs in the development of wild seafood is the reason why their prices are higher. However, they are basically worth the higher price, as they are clearly the better choice when all factors are considered, which is why you must go for them.

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